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I may not have uttered what I should have uttered during that mass, but I want to say it now. I want to say it even if he won’t ever read this. And that is…

…I love you, too.


Do you know what I miss about being in a relationship?, I miss the late night webcam sessions and the late night calls. It’s just that special moment where it’s just you two being able to hear each others voices, you know? Falling asleep to the melody of each other’s voice and that special feeling of being the last thing on their mind when they lay their head to rest at night. Just being able to hear their voice gives you butterflies and makes you smile like an idiot, being able to hear the person that means the world to you on the other line… Trying to stay awake as long as you can so you can  talk to them and waking up to the other person still on the line with their sleepy voice, it’s so cute… Yeah I miss that feeling. 

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